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Geoffcarlson 4 days ago

Chicken Sausage & Egg Sandwich*

It doesn't matter what you order. You're going to love it. From Chicken Sausage biscuits to the Mule Chips (just get them) to the burgers...and tell Eve I said this place. True Southern.

Melissa 11 days ago

Jake's Sloppy Slaw Burger

My friend and I come in frequently after she picks me up from dialysis. I tried this burger today. It was delicious. I have to eat a lot of protein and this fit the bill. I'll be trying something new the next time. I had been in a routine of getting a Jake burger and onion rings, which is delicious also, but I wanted to branch out. Glad I did.

Tjmcginnity 20 days ago

Mule Basket*

Fantastic dish. Everything you could ever ask for in one meal. Super fresh and tasty. The best breakfast in 20 miles at least. A winner Everytime.No fail.

B.Jessann 22 days ago

Jake's Sloppy Slaw Burger

Amazing! So good, sloppy and fresh tasting ingredients.

Tameron 22 days ago

Jake's Big Daddy*

The Big Daddy is an absolute must try! I honestly have probably gotten it nearly 10 times now because it's just that amazing. Occasionally can branch out because every other sandwich I've tried has not disappointed one bit.

Erinmeek 24 days ago

Mule Basket*

You can not get a better breakfast anywhere! The biscuits melt in your mouth, the eggs cooked perfectly, gravy is kickin, the hashbrowns will make you get up and order more.

Marcelluscynthia97 27 days ago

Sausage Biscuit

I ordered a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and it was delicious!

Ssurvivor2001 29 days ago

Jake Burger Deluxe

We decided to stop by for the 1st time. We were visiting from out of town. Words cannot express how good the burger and fries tasted. Fresh and juicy burger. Also, loved the fries. Will definitely return to try breakfast.

Ktention about 1 month ago

Jake's Big Daddy*

Hands down one of the best burgers I have ever had in my life! The food came fast, hot, and fresh! Cooked to perfection from the first bite to the last! The service was amazing from the minute we walked in the door until we left. I can't remember the hostess's name, but she was so energetic and friendly. We also met Sabra, who took the time to chat with us. First time and we will definitely return!

Ticorugby about 1 month ago

Two Eggs, Bacon or Sausage, Grits & a Biscuit*

The food is always good no matter how busy they get. The best grits and biscuits in town.

Glennradford about 1 month ago

Corn Beef Hash*

Holy underwear Batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the hash is sooooooooooooo good and now you can get it every day. It is the perfect mix of fat and lean, great smoke taste that doesn't punch you in the face with smoke and just enough potatoes to make it all come together. I'm so glad for the move now that the smoker is going 24/7. LOL I know get a life but it does make my heart go pitter pat.

Harold.R6 about 2 months ago

Sassy Senorita Burger

This Burger is De-eee-licious!!! It tastes as good as it looks! Fantastic!! Loved it!

Kn.Kunkle about 2 months ago

Jake's L'il Daddy

Awesome burger,. And the Sloppy Jimmie was perfect on it!

Jim about 2 months ago

Biscuit & Gravy

I had the biscuit and gravy this morning. The biscuit was light not dense. The gravy was fantastic. The consistency was smooth and creamy. The breakfast was served in a timely manner.

Alexisjosephinec about 2 months ago

Mornin Mule Special

Wow! I can not get this place out of my head! Got to go back! Excellent eats and amazing service! Worth the drive and every penny!

Lgcid206 2 months ago

Two Eggs, Bacon or Sausage, Grits & a Biscuit*

Absolutely the best breakfast I have ever had !! The hash browns were even seasoned to perfection !! Oh and we shared chicken and waffles !! OMG !!! DELICIOUS!!! Sabra and crew were inviting and engaging love this place our new go to restaurant !!!

Kim 2 months ago

Corn Beef Hash*

I have NEVER had any corn beef hash better than the Red Eyed Mules. It is delicious!!!! Enough said!!!!

Tolik 19 6 days ago

Chicken & Waffles

This is probably the best new place to eat breakfast/brunch around the area ! i drove from douglasville to eat here , will be coming back again! Food was really really good and the prices are fair. Being my first time here, the staff was wonderful and really helpful with the menu, loved that it is a clean family friendly place. Thankyou so much for a great first experience!

Sorortriumphant 14 days ago

Mornin Mule Special

I can't get enough of the Sunday Morning Breakfast Biscuit Special!! I don't eat bread all week to save "up" for this biscuit. If you haven't had the Sunday Special (biscuit with bacon pieces and cheddar cheese baked in it) correct your personal error RIGHT AWAY!!!

Kyoung1024 21 days ago

Chicken & Waffles

This is crrrrrraaaaazzzzyyy good! Wonderfully balanced with salty and sweet. The chicken was perfectly crisp and the homemade compote needs to be bottles and sold. Seriously, can't wait to have this again.

Walchris 22 days ago

Jake Burger Deluxe

it is DELICIOUS..we licked our fingers!! big we had to take some home!! later it tasted just as good!! best BURGER yet!!...

Jeiksanchez 23 days ago

Applewood Bacon Biscuit

The best place to have a good breakfast

Marcelluscynthia97 27 days ago

Applewood Bacon Biscuit

Very delicious!

Marcelluscynthia 28 days ago

Applewood Bacon Biscuit

Very delicious.

Angel 29 days ago

Corn Beef Hash*

The best corn beef hash I've ever had! So glad they have it on their daily menu now… The new location is very nice. The owner greeted us and took our orders, personally. You can tell she takes a lot of pride in her restaurant! Our food came out quick, fresh, hot and tasty!

Tonyl157 about 1 month ago

Bacon & Egg Sandwich*

Actually my husband and I have had several different meals--never abad one. There's no such things as bad meals at Sabra's...and also the owner is so hands own...remembers her repeat customers. One more thing the staff is so plesantand new place is beautiful!

Morgan about 1 month ago

Daily Specials

On Sundays the daily special is a biscuit, made with bacon and cheese (in the biscuit!), sausage, egg, cheese and tomato served with three cheese grits. Let me tell ya, it's better than a six legged mule. The special is served from 9-2 so you have no excuse to not plan your Sunday around this piece of heaven!

Rafaelb954 about 2 months ago

Applewood Bacon Biscuit

This is the best biscuit that can be eaten, the balance of taste this dish offers is like no other. At the mule there is no bad dish, the people and the ambiance shared is not found vastly.

Sendittolynn about 2 months ago

Biscuit & Gravy

Biscuits were amazing. This is my new favorite breakfast spot. Service was friendly and attentive. Will be back often.

Kmansfield about 2 months ago

Corn Beef Hash*

It's the best ever!! Add the bacon and enjoy the grits

Kevin about 2 months ago

Biscuit & Gravy

There is nothing like the biscuits and gravy at The Red Eyed Mule. The amazing rich gravy makes the biscuits melt into the perfect breakfast. Thank you for making me proud to be from the south.

Buho 2 months ago

Mule Basket*

Today was my first time here, I work at Autoatlanta just across the street and someone recommended this amazing place, the staff is sooo great and courteous, the place is so clean and a comfortable environment... I ordered the Basket Mule and my mouth started to water up, they cooked it and it tasted beyond my expectations and it was served in the perfect timing, I loved the food and my first experience here, I'm definitely coming back and I definitely recommend this amazing place to anyone who wants an amazing experience as I just had 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Jl.Lecour 2 months ago

Chicken & Waffles

We tried The Red Eyed Mule for the first time on Father's Day and it was delicious. The service was great and the chicken and waffles were tremendous! We will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu!

Lgcid206 2 months ago

Chicken & Waffles

Absolutely the best breakfast I have ever had!!! Hash browns seasoned to perfection. Sabra and crew engaging and welcoming. Definitely our restaurant of choice!!


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