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Doneine about 1 month ago

Jake's Sloppy Slaw Burger

After trying your daily special (Bacon/Cheddar infused biscuit with Sausage, Egg and Cheese) along with grits, I was sold on the food at Red Eyed Mule. I saw the sign out front that said "As seen on the Food Network Channel" and knew I wanted to try it out. I was NOT disappointed. I watched the episode of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" where Alton Brown listed the Jake's Sloppy Slaw Burger as one of his top 3 burgers. I knew I had to go back and try it. It was out of this world. I will be a repeat customer!!!!

Tia about 1 month ago

Chicken & Waffles

This place is great! Everything that we get there taste good. The portions are large. My favorite is the chicken and waffles!

Eddieg about 1 month ago

Sassy Senorita Burger

The Sassy Senorita is definitely Sassy mmmmm, is all I have to say. I love a good burger with lots of flavor and a kick. I normally don'tdo reviews but you guys earned it.

Penieljcm about 2 months ago

Mule Basket*

Found this awesome little place you have got to try in Marietta. Called "Red Eye Mule" one of the best breakfast I have had in a while. Just came back with my wife from there. Saw it on the tv channel Food Network.

Kim about 2 months ago

Chicken & Waffles

So scrumptious...definitely the best chicken and waffles you will ever put in your mouth. Sabra and crew make you feel like part of the family. LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

Jen about 2 months ago

Mule Basket*

First time here, went all in with the Mule Basket for breakfast. So delicious! Fluffy perfect biscuit, topped with a simple egg omelette, bacon (or sausage), gravy and crispy little hash brown rounds! Yes, a hearty (not healthy) meal, but so nicely done - it wasn't overly salty or excessive, but just right for a big Sunday brunch! Can't wait to try other menu items on the next visit.

Jc4075 about 2 months ago


The Breakfast Burrito (Bacon) is off the chain GREAT!! It has just the right combination with jalapeños. The 3 cheese grits are also a must try!!

Jasmine about 2 months ago

Jake's Sloppy Slaw Burger

Don't keep it simple and order this amazing burger. All the ingredients blend so well you won't remember what was all included. I have rotated the sides and ate it with fries and onion rings. I will try with sweet potato fries next. However, the entree has remained the same.

Jeremy 2 months ago

Corn Beef Hash*

All you need to do is order this. The rest of the menu is great but this is the tippy top of excellent. My wife loves it so much the first time we were here (she ordered something else) she ate my entire plate! Can't recommend it enough.

Heydave101 2 months ago

Biscuit & Gravy

Perhaps the best biscuit I've eaten in my 60 plus years. Crust and inside had perfect texture. Gravy was smooth, rich, and simple, like a biscuit gravy should be. Not fancied up to be something it's not. Service was outstanding. Although line was long it moved very efficiently. It was my first of what will be many future visits!

Tolik 2 months ago

Chicken & Waffles

This is probably the best new place to eat breakfast/brunch around the area ! i drove from douglasville to eat here , will be coming back again! Food was really really good and the prices are fair. Being my first time here, the staff was wonderful and really helpful with the menu, loved that it is a clean family friendly place. Thankyou so much for a great first experience!

Sorortriumphant 3 months ago

Mornin Mule Special

I can't get enough of the Sunday Morning Breakfast Biscuit Special!! I don't eat bread all week to save "up" for this biscuit. If you haven't had the Sunday Special (biscuit with bacon pieces and cheddar cheese baked in it) correct your personal error RIGHT AWAY!!!

Kyoung1024 3 months ago

Chicken & Waffles

This is crrrrrraaaaazzzzyyy good! Wonderfully balanced with salty and sweet. The chicken was perfectly crisp and the homemade compote needs to be bottles and sold. Seriously, can't wait to have this again.

Walchris 3 months ago

Jake Burger Deluxe

it is DELICIOUS..we licked our fingers!! big we had to take some home!! later it tasted just as good!! best BURGER yet!!...

Jeiksanchez 3 months ago

Applewood Bacon Biscuit

The best place to have a good breakfast

Jnd635 about 1 month ago

Country Ham Biscuit

My husband came home and RAVED about his breakfast. He said the ham was unbelievable, real country ham. He said the biscuit was very large and extremely good. I can't wait to come in and try sausage gravy and biscuits, and eggs, and bacon. Well, not at one time ☺️

Ssbrandes about 1 month ago

Corn Beef Hash*

A plate full of heaven. This isnt that cubed canned stuff you get most places. This is an actual onsite corned beef smoked onsite and then shreadded and hashed to the most delicious creamy salty meaty goodness you can put in your mouth. Typically avaliable until it runs out. Perfect with a pair of the Mule's perfectly cooked to order eggs and a big cup of creamy pillows of grits. The hardest choice i make at the Mule is getting something else when i visit. Sometimes i do and then i am NOT disappointed either. Never had a bad meal here. Never even had a mediocre meal here. Every meal is full of love and quality.

Kathymoss08 about 2 months ago

Three Cheese Grits

So many items to rave about at Red Eyed Mule! Fabulous homemade flavors from all I have tried so far! Food portions are generous and deliciousness keeps you from talking with your mouth full!

Farrah about 2 months ago

Chicken & Waffles

This is not your average frozen waffle with a piece of dried fried chicken on top! This is magic. Close your eyes and really take in what I'm about to say. The chicken, brined (that's basically seasoning in salted water) juiciest chicken you'll ever have! Fried to perfection! The waffle, sweet and soft like a pillow...not dry at all. Look, everything meshes so well together you'll question why you've wasted your time getting chicken and waffles at any other place than Red eyed mule.

Montony888 about 2 months ago

Bacon & Egg Sandwich*

Best Food I've ever ate, worth the 45 minute drive just to eat here. Highly recommend!!! Awesome staff and AMAZING food Breakfast and lunch!!

Wastaplesjr about 2 months ago

Mule Basket*

Stopped in on a Monday after the rush, nice and quiet, plenty of seats. Ordered my food, grappled some coffee and found a seat. Food arrived quickly and correctly prepared. The Mule Basket was just what I needed and plenty of it. Gravy was heavenly! Wish this was near me, I'd be back sooner!!

Steveisenberg about 2 months ago

Jake's Sloppy Slaw Burger

Best burger around!!!!! Fresh burger meat cooked to order and served hot-of-the-grill. I like that is is served on toasted bread vs a bun, nice touch. I've also had the corned beef hash - Amazing!

Mrdaniels330 2 months ago

Corn Beef Hash*

The smoked corn-beef hash is the best I ever had. The meal is filling and great for the price.

Arutter 2 months ago

Chicken & Waffles

WOW! So delicious! When I read the menu description, I thought that the chicken's seasoning might overpower the waffle. No way! This dish is perfectly balanced in flavor and both the waffle and chicken are just the right texture. Each of these has its correct crispiness. Absolutely love this dish!

Geoffcarlson 2 months ago

Chicken Sausage & Egg Sandwich*

It doesn't matter what you order. You're going to love it. From Chicken Sausage biscuits to the Mule Chips (just get them) to the burgers...and tell Eve I said this place. True Southern.

Melissa 2 months ago

Jake's Sloppy Slaw Burger

My friend and I come in frequently after she picks me up from dialysis. I tried this burger today. It was delicious. I have to eat a lot of protein and this fit the bill. I'll be trying something new the next time. I had been in a routine of getting a Jake burger and onion rings, which is delicious also, but I wanted to branch out. Glad I did.

Tjmcginnity 3 months ago

Mule Basket*

Fantastic dish. Everything you could ever ask for in one meal. Super fresh and tasty. The best breakfast in 20 miles at least. A winner Everytime.No fail.

B 3 months ago

Jake's Sloppy Slaw Burger

Amazing! So good, sloppy and fresh tasting ingredients.

Tameron 3 months ago

Jake's Big Daddy*

The Big Daddy is an absolute must try! I honestly have probably gotten it nearly 10 times now because it's just that amazing. Occasionally can branch out because every other sandwich I've tried has not disappointed one bit.


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